The University of Iowa

Scientific Program

Eighth International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM8)

"Lowering Risk by Increasing Resilience"

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
August 9 - 11, 2021


The conference submissions entails contributions for the Parallel Sessions (PS) and Special Sessions (SS). The PS and SS are grouped around the main conference themes listed below. The PS and SS will run simultaneously over identical session time slots and will contain the same number of papers per session. The PS contributions are open for all conference participants. The SS contributions can be either by invitation only or open to all conference participants as specified on the Special Sessions page. 

Theme and Topics for Parallel Sessions

I: Science & Technology (S&T) for Flood Risk Management 

PS I.a Systems approach for flood management 
PS I.b Remote-sensing for flood management 
PS I.c Flood infrastructure
PS I.d Citizen science for flood management
SS I.e Mitigating flood risk through innovations in S&T
SS I.f Flood risk in mountain regions
SS I.g Flood risk reduction under climate change towards sustainable development: Scientific & technological approaches
SS I.h Capacity development for risk informed decision making
II: Handling Data and Information for Flood Risk Management
PS II.a Big data and flood management
PS II.b Risk communication
PS II.c Flood decisions support systems
SS II.d Validation database for flood model assessment
III: Flood Disaster Prevention, Mitigation, and Adaptation
PS III.a Climate change and flooding
PS III.b Changing flood risk
PS III.c The intersection between riverine and coastal flood risks
PS III.d Cooperation in the management of large flood events
SS III.e Flood Damage Assessment Data Sets
SS III.f Compound events and correlated extremes
SS III.g "No one is surprised by a flood" WMO long-term ambitions for the operational hydrological community
IV: Flood Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Flood-proof cities

PS IV.b Low impact flood measures
PS IV.c Impacts of life loss and damage estimation
PS IV.d Flood adaptive infrastructure
SS IV.e Anticipating accelerated sea level rise
SS IV.f Floods of 2019 in the U.S.
SS IV.g Climate preparedness and resilience for climate-impacted hydrology and changing sea level
SS IV.h Extreme floods in South Asia under changing environment
V: Flood Decision-making, Policy, and Governance
PS V.a Governance and partnerships (shared vision & responsibility)
PS V.b Infrastructure and investments
PS V.c Insurance and building level protection
PS V.d Integrated flood risk management
SS V.e Flood risk reduction under climate change towards sustainable development: national & international approaches
SS V.f Recent Research on flood Processes and Policy
SS V.g Flood Decision-making, Policy and Governance
VI: Flood Resilience
PS VI.a Flood resilient communities
PS VI.b Nature-based solutions for flood management
SS VI.c Flood resilience in practice
SS VI.d Interagency and international resilience efforts

Critical infrastructure resilience to extreme event