University of Iowa

Scientific Program

Eighth International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM8)

"Lowering Risk by Increasing Resilience"

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
August 17 - 19, 2020

Theme and Topics for Parallel Sessions
PS I: Science & Technology for Flood Risk Management 
PS I.a Citizen science in flood management
PS I.b Dam Safety
PS I.c Remote-sensing for flood management (from local to global scales)
PS I.d Systems approach for flood management (monitoring, modelling)
PS II: Artificial Intelligence for Flood Risk Mitigation
PS II.a Big data and flood management
PS II.b Risk communication
PS II.c Flood decisions support systems
PS III: Flood disaster prevention, mitigation, and adaptation
PS III.a Flood-proof cities
PS III.b The intersection between riverine and coastal flood risks
PS III.c Climate change and flooding
PS III.d Cooperation in the management of large flood events
PS III.e Changing flood risk
PS IV: Flood preparedness, response, and recovery
PS IV.a Sponge city
PS IV.b Low impact flood measures
PS IV.c Impacts of life loss and damage estimation
PS IV.d Flood adaptive infrastructure
PS V: Flood resilience
PS V.a Flood resilient communities
PS V.b Nature-based solutions for flood management
PS VI: Flood decision-making, policy, and governance
PS VI.a Governance and partnerships (shared vision & responsibility)
PS VI.b Infrastructure and investements
PS VI.c Insurance and building level protection
PS VI.d Integrated flood risk management
PS VI.e Governance and partnerships (shared vision & responsibility)